Wedding gifts for Guests

Wedding gifts for Guests
May 18, 2017 Albion Parties


Wedding presents for guests are a special way of including and thanking your guests to commemorate the big day. Presents can reflect your individual style and interests and even underline who you are as a couple. Brides are increasingly coming up with original and unusual ways of surprising their guests with presents when they reach their table.Small presents are increasingly being used as place name ideas. Small gifts are also a wonderful way of breaking the ice with other guests and providing a table talking point. Decide whether the presents are intended to be keepsakes or for the moment. Anything to take away lends itself to being personalised, but practical in order for it to remain on display.  Here are our favourite ideas to help you decide on the perfect present for your guests.

Personalised scented candles and soaps

Add to the theme of your wedding using candles or soaps with personalised containers or lids. Add simples boxes for ease of transportation.

Olive Oil, loose tea, honey, coffee, spices, jams, chutney

Foodie presents are always well received and lend themselves to being particularly personal to the couple. Choose flavours evocative of the wedding, or a special memory. Spices from the couples favourite food, or tea from travels or local jam or honey to the venue are lovely ways to include guests to the event.

Wine corks, matches, teaspoon, marble coaster, bottle opener key

Keepsakes that are practical are a wonderful to share the memorable date in the every day life of guests.

Mini plant pots, herbs and succulents

An elegant solution to guest  presents are small plants. Mini pot plants are a striking enduring momento and we particularly love succulents with their stylish quality and unusual appearance which can be pared with gilded pots or for a more rustic look use terracotta pots and herbs.

Sweet treats

Choose from classic penny sweets in stripey bags, local fudge or sophisticated coloured macarons for guests to enjoy after or during the evening. Add a label with the contents and a message.

Personalised ceramics

Small personalised ceramics are a classic guest present and allow for painting of drawings and initials or even an imprint of the original wedding invitation.


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