Welcome to Albion Parties, where we know that a party is much more than just an event. It’s an experience, an emotion, and a memory that lasts a lifetime. That’s why we focus on making every party we organise memorable, full of style, character and energy.

We take it one step further by adding a vital ingredient: a definitive emphasis on fun.

Like conductors of an orchestra, we seamlessly orchestrate the party from beginning to end. Many of our clients lead busy lives with no time to plan a party. We take the hassle away and make the whole process enjoyable, straightforward and stress-free.

We are big believers in “the alchemy of partying”. We focus on increasing the energy of the party, so it evolves through the evening. It’s our job to be one step ahead of the guests, revealing different aspects of the party as the night progresses, always leaving guests wanting more. A party should always end on a high!

“I can’t imagine throwing a big party without Albion at our side”

Crisscrossing the globe over the past 10 years, we’ve created parties of all kinds, from a 21st birthday party in a loft in London, a Kingsman-themed Bar Mitzvah with video projection at an English stately home, and a birthday extravaganza in Tuscany, with guests dancing the night away in a privately-owned clifftop nightclub.

For a particularly memorable 40th birthday, we designed a “Wes Anderson” themed party, with each room’s decor taking inspiration from a different one of the filmmaker’s eccentric works. The final room featured a life-size foxhole complete with its very own, and rather surreal, Fantastic Mr Fox playing a pipe organ. As one guest commented: “every corner I turned, it was an absolute WOW”.

Bringing the party to life starts with finding you a venue. We then create a style concept that injects your character into the party design. Finding you the hottest bands and knowing the latest entertainment is vital for staying ahead of the crowd. With all aspects covered by the Albion team, from invitations to DJ’s, hair stylists to performers, we stay one step ahead of you and your guests, unfolding and evolving the energy to reach a crescendo.

“You did such a good job of hand-holding, guiding and decision-making; always two steps ahead of my questions and emails. It was a learning experience I shall treasure!”

We provide you with updated budgets and transparent supplier costs so you can keep track of the financials. You are in control of where you want to spend and where to save.

Our fee structure is clearly laid out and calculated on a percentage fee of the total party cost. The only income we receive is from the fee, and all negotiated discounts are passed directly to you. We do not mark up any supplier costs and we do not take any supplier commissions. In this way, we are free to advise you on the smartest way to allocate your budget, based on what will suit you best and give maximum impact.

“We’ve had many lovely letters extolling the superb organisation, creative series of events, and the amazing detail that went into the whole 3 days. In fact, a large number of our friends have said it was their “best party ever!”