Bride and Groom – How to Leave in Style

Bride and Groom – How to Leave in Style
May 4, 2017 Albion Parties

As the festivities are drawing to a close the Bride and Groom have one more milestone: the send off. Leaving the wedding is a momentous moment, and the departure is just as important as the arrival. Brides and Grooms are coming up with more and more inventive ways for their final flourish on their Big Day. Many couples chose to tie their departure into the overall theme of the wedding, whilst some prefer the unexpected.

The leaving of the newlyweds is often marked by an announcement or a special song, but we love a theatrical moment of fireworks to signify the end of the wedding. For a more contemporary approach, video projected light shows have added drama, and they are especially effective at enhancing picturesque venues. Fireworks or video projections with specially-composed music heighten the effect. Once the guests are gathered, the bride and groom have the opportunity to leave in a way that reflects their own unique style as a couple.

Here are our a few other favourite ideas of how to leave in style:


Tuktuk – Tuktuks have a certain romantic charm, especially when dressed with garlands of flowers. Perfect for  destination weddings.

Classic Car – super sleek or super retro work. Some bride and grooms choose a make of car that holds sentimental value. If you hire one, make sure it is distinctive and reflects the theme of the wedding. We love the retro feel of a classic fiat 500 or a Citroen 2CV for vintage charm, ideal for a hint of France.

Finally for the wow factor couples might choose an elephant for a unforgettable, if slightly slower departure. Whether it is canoe, motorbike and side-car, or by helicopter, be sure to involve all the guests in the final moment and wave off the Bride and Groom with sparklers, glowsticks, confetti or bubbles!


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