Up the Style Stakes: Add personalised and inventive details to your wedding

Up the Style Stakes: Add personalised and inventive details to your wedding
June 16, 2020 Albion Parties

Have you had to postpone your wedding due to Covid-19? Use this time as an opportunity to ‘up the style stakes’ and find personalised and inventive details to add to your wedding.

For all you brides out there who have had your weddings postponed due to Covid-19, many of you would’ve been putting finishing touches to your weddings, but now may have to wait until next year to walk down the aisle.

However, why not put this extra time to good use and come up with personal details to make your day truly unique, as well as upping the style stakes!



The clever Era Calligraphy are now selling”Learn Modern Calligraphy at Home” kits meaning you can learn to write beautifully like a pro at home in your pyjamas! The kit comes with everything you need so you should be an expert by the time your wedding comes around, meaning you can write all your own place settings and invitations.

Not only are you adding a personalised element to your wedding, but you are also saving money (which perhaps you can now justify to spend on a second pair of wedding shoes!). Once you have mastered the art of calligraphy, there is no need to stop at writing on card, you can write on items such as these little marble tiles for a chic twist.


Are you planning a destination wedding? If so, why don’t you use the extra time to make little welcome gifts to be waiting in guests’ hotel rooms. This bride getting married in Athens chose locally sourced olive oil and a bottle of wine.


Make chic placements to really inject your personality into the wedding. We love these bespoke lavender bags, especially pretty for a wedding in the South of France


We love these personalised water jars a bride made that were also used for the soft drink during the wedding reception


If you are planning a winter wedding, get going with making personalised crackers. They take time to make, but are really worth it.



If you want to give guests a little pick me up after dinner, make little bottles of after-dinner digestifs. You can personalise each bottle so that they also double up as the placement. You have a bit of time before you need to start as the damson and sloe picking season starts in September.



If you are a budding artist, consider drawing or painting an illustration for your wedding invitation. This graphic can be used throughout the wedding on menus and placement cards. What could be more personal?



Are you drinking a little more during lockdown? Justify it by saying you are collecting corks to display your seating plan!



Once we are allowed to gather again for weddings, we think guests will be in need of a big party. Why don’t you use this time to make hangover bags to help your friends heads the next morning? We fill ours with Berocca, Big Tom mix, face masks, mints and vodka!


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