The Hottest Floral Trends for 2017

The Hottest Floral Trends for 2017
March 9, 2017 Albion Parties

Trends for 2017

Now Spring is on the way, the abundance of buds and blooms herald new trends in the floral design trade. We have compiled our favourite top styles that are ready to blossom this year and update any party or wedding.


Pantone Colour of the Year 2017

The Pantone colour of the year ‘Greenery’ is sure to excite florists, lending itself to both the natural and the exotic for a contemporary bride. ‘Greenery’ is a colour with a zesty lemon tone and is particularly enlivening after a bleak winter. It will make a statement at Easter, reminiscent of new shoots and Spring foliage. It is also an exciting trend to link into bespoke invitations for a pulled together look. It is surprisingly versatile for summer months and brings freshness to traditional combinations.

Romantic Flowers
The trend for wistful and wild floral design continues this year and comes in the appearance of deconstructed bouquets with trailing foliage and large tea roses and peonies. Use seasonal flowers for a natural look. Brides are predicted to have larger than average bouquets harking back to Victorian country weddings. Tables will have large centre pieces with seeded eucalyptus. Expect to see carnations, chrysanthemums and dahlias taking centre stage.

Bold Blooms
The catwalk has seen the return of large floral designs and this is reflected in the floristry trend for bold flowers in jewel tones. Liven up tables for contemporary parties with clusters of rich tones of red, hot pink, emerald and sapphire.

Dutch Old Masters
A muted palette of golden and burnished hues is set to be popular this year and will work well for late summer Autumn parties. Style the collection of oranges, whites and browns in dramatic combinations such as those of the painter Jan van Huysum. Add moody lighting to complete the picture.

Hanging floral design
Albion Parties love floral installations that use striking hanging floral designs. These designs make an effective entrance to a party, and lend a whimsical nature to a room. The prominence of this stunning trend can be seen across Pinterest and Instagram.


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