What’s new for 2023?

What’s new for 2023?
January 5, 2023 Albion Parties

Happy New Year! We’re delighted to welcome in 2023, and we have a roster of exciting weddings and spectacular parties that we’re currently planning.

So what are the new trends for 2023?

Well, tablescaping looks set to be sharper than ever, with several suppliers investing in chic linens, stylish glassware, and touches that will make your tabletop shine. High on the recommendation list is Maison Margaux who have opened their new showroom in Chelsea. We challenge you to leave without having fallen in love with at least two of their new ranges.

For flowers, we’re seeing more installations – set pieces which are created to give maximum visual impact (and to look great on instagram) while at the same time, often keeping the table centres more simple and pared back, so an air of elegance is maintained at table height, giving more weight to the drama unfolding in the installation overhead. Lucy Vail Floristry is particularly adept at floral installations and it’s worth checking out her work.

In entertainment, Foyle Fireworks continues to lead the pack with her fireworks to music. In our line of work, we see a lot of fireworks, and it’s rare to feel blown away by a display. Somehow Serena Foyle still manages to blow us away every time. See our instagram feed for a recent spectacular show, that we shot using multiple drones.

We’re also looking forward to a handful of destination weddings this year, and will be travelling to beautiful Lake Como and to chilled out Ibiza to add our unique Albion touch to nuptials there.

An exciting year ahead indeed!

Do get in touch if you’d like to discuss how we could help you to plan your perfect wedding day, or throw a truly spectacular and memorable party!