Getting married in 2021?

Getting married in 2021?
January 12, 2021 Albion Parties

As we welcome in 2021, there’s a spark of hope that weddings will soon be able to take place. We are bringing you tips and inspiration to help you get on track with wedding planning.

The fallout from 2020 means questions that are usually easy to answer are more challenging. The where? when? who? how? questions take more consideration to work out.

Today we are focusing on where to get married in 2021:

With Government lockdown restrictions in place for England (and corresponding rules in Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland), currently you can only get married in special circumstances. However, the UK Weddings Taskforce is working with the Government to work out how to open up the weddings industry by April, which is likely to be in stages as the year progresses.

Here are options and we outline advantages of each one:

Wedding venues: most venues are taking bookings with conditional covid cancellation terms. All venues must comply in a covid-secure way, which will become clearer once the industry opens up. Venues may have a reduced capacity if social distancing measures are in place, so try to keep an open mind and remain flexible.

Availability: Many 2020 couples have moved their weddings to the 2021/2022 seasons, meaning Saturday dates are generally booked up for the next two summers. If you’re open to having your wedding on a different day of the week, you may also get a better rate for it. Ask as many questions as possible about postponement and cancellation terms, and ask about what percentage of your deposit can be returned if the venue have to cancel or go out of business. It’s a difficult time for couples and suppliers alike, and building a good relationship with your venue will stand you in good stead.

Wedding at home: This is currently not possible, however once restrictions are lifted it will likely be necessary to adhere to similar covid-secure regulations as venues. As above, talk to your suppliers about postponement/cancellation terms so you know exactly where you are with any deposits you put down. Having a wedding at home will allow you to be more flexible with numbers, so you can book your suppliers in now and confirm exact numbers closer to the time.

Destination wedding: This entirely depends on your destination and on your expectations. It could be that more travel corridors open up and you will be able to get married abroad this year. Flexibility is key, as even if the country you’re going to is open for business, you need to think where your guests are coming from and whether they’ll have a decent chance of making it there. One would hope that with Covid-19 vaccinations taking place around the world at a fast rate, reasonable-sized weddings will have a chance of going ahead as planned.

In summary, the key to planning your wedding in 2021? BE FLEXIBLE. We understand you want to get on and set your plans in stone, but if you can hold your nerve for a few months, by the Spring a lot will become clearer.