Make Up: Picking your Bridal Make Up Artist

Make Up: Picking your Bridal Make Up Artist
August 23, 2019 Albion Parties

Every Bride wants to look their very best when it comes to their wedding day and picking the right make-up artist is a key part of this. There are a few important things to take into consideration before making your decision:

  • Do research into different artists and their portfolios. Pick one whose work you like and you think suits your natural style, but equally important, pick someone you like and with whom you feel completely comfortable. You want to feel relaxed on the day and an artist with a calming influence, who gets you, will do just that.

  • Think about what you want from your make-up and decide on your look. Do you want a more natural look that leaves you glowing on the day, or a more dramatic look to give impact in the photos?

  • Book a trial! This is vital to ensure that you’re happy with everything and can make changes in advance. Speak honestly and don’t be afraid to speak up about anything you don’t like or feel isn’t working; this is the time to get everything perfect!


Wedding Make Up

Whatever you decide, a great makeup artist should have you looking the very best version of yourself.


Photography Credits: Ed Peers, Stefano Casati, Ann Kathrin Koch, Wani Olatunde


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