How To Choose a Great Band and a DJ

How To Choose a Great Band and a DJ
December 2, 2017 Albion Parties

How often do friends recommend a band or a DJ for your party, and you wonder whether they really know their stuff?


In which case, your research needs to dig deeper, taking in the band’s videos on their website, and any YouTube footage you can find. Ironically, the worse the footage like a film on an iphone, the better you can tell what the band are like as you can tell by the reaction of the crowd whether they are truly rocking the room!


For weddings, we recommend choosing a brilliant band who will play a range of well-known music. This isn’t the moment to bring out a newly formed band who play music no-one has heard of. Leave that for their gig, and instead pick a band who will have your dancefloor packed as all ages dance through the night.


For a party band, you can take more of a risk with your choice, as generally there is smaller age range at parties, so you can be daring and go wild. Tying in the band with your theme works well. We have previously had a 13 year old rehearse for 6 weeks before her Bat Mitzvah with a professional dance troupe, performed immaculately to guests during dinner. Quite a performance!



For a DJ, there’s less material online to give you direction, therefore we find it’s best to speak to the DJ over the phone to discuss what kind of music you like. Highlight the music you want to avoid but don’t give them a strict playlist, as the DJ needs to be able to read the crowd and bring more people onto the dancefloor. As one of our favourite DJ’s once quoted: “All killer, no filler!”.


Music is key to any party, and you should use it to its best advantage to enhance the energy, so you will have a packed dancefloor, with your guests dancing all night.


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