Dazzling Floral Ceilings

Dazzling Floral Ceilings
September 22, 2017 Albion Parties

This summer we were working in the South of France with the fantastic florist Wayne Riley. Wayne and Jeff created a stunning array of colour pops on each table, but most of all we loved his floral ceiling which hung above the guests and created a talking point, as guests were blown away by his design. There is a growing trend for floral ceilings at the moment, which is a natural progression from the flowers walls of the last few years. If you’re looking fo something unique for your party, it’s a sure fire way to create an impact.   Speak to your florist about which flowers they will use, and what kind of panels will support the installation. For St Tropez, we were battling the heat, so the flowers had to be fully watered, at the same time as making sure not to drip onto the guests during the party.   With a growing group of inventive florists who are continually pushing the boundaries to create more interesting arrangements, we think that if want your party to look creative and to wow your guests, floral installations are the way forward.


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