How To Choose The Perfect Caterer

How To Choose The Perfect Caterer
October 24, 2017 Albion Parties

There are many brilliant caterers in the UK, and many clients’ first question is who to choose who should cater for their party or wedding. We always start by asking our clients how important the food and service is to them. For most clients, it’s a key element of their party.

For those who love their food, the first stop is to look at the caterer’s instagram account, where you can see real photos, which give away more than generic website images. You can see the style and presentation of the food, and also how the food is lined up back-of-house which gives an indication of how efficient the service might be. Most caterers will offer a tasting, which is definitely the best part of party planning, and is usually offered free of charge if you subsequently book the caterer.

The next question is to ask your caterer about where they hire the table settings from (glasses, plates, cutlery and linen). Our clients ask us questions like “Should we go for linen hemstitch napkins?” (Answer: always); or “Should we choose a coloured water glass?” (Answer: if your flowers and linen are neutral, a coloured water glass can lift the look of the table as a whole, and adds a chic touch”). There are some fabulous new companies like Classic Crockery who are challenging the traditional stallwart, Jones Hire. Or you can buy bespoke plates from Laboratorio Paravicini in Italy, which you can keep after the party.

Finally, service is as important as the food. Therefore, always ask your caterer for a breakdown of the number of waiting staff and bar staff. Both food and wine should be served so effortlessly, that for your guests, the party flows entirely smoothly.


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