Bespoke Illustrated Stationery: A whole new world of fun

Bespoke Illustrated Stationery: A whole new world of fun
July 23, 2019 Albion Parties

The recent trend for bespoke illustrated invitations continues to grow, thanks in part to the power of instagram. Our ability to view aspects of people’s lives that were not as readily visible before social media, has helped illustrators to grow their business exponentially. Additionally, artists can design from home and send their artwork digitally to their clients around the world.

These days, illustrators are commissioned well beyond just designing the invitation. The project begins with a consultation with the client, followed by a list of stationery including, but not limited to:

  • Save the Date (digital or printed)
  • Invitation (printed)
  • Information booklets
  • RSVP cards & envelopes
  • Wedding or party website
  • Dinner Menus
  • Cocktail Menus
  • Thank you cards
  • Welcome Letters
  • Signage

Choosing design details that reflect a couple’s character is the best way to personalise a wedding or a party. You want your friends and family to open the invitation and feel excited for what’s to come.

Here is a round-up of some of our favourite illustrators:

  • Leading US illustrator, Happy Menocal, stays at the top of their game by continually evolving their ideas, while retaining a clear stand-out style that keeps them ahead of the game.

  • UK-based Fin Fellowes has many fashion clients amongst her fans, as well as an international clientele throwing weddings and parties. Creative in every way, Fin has a distinctly chic aesthetic, pushing the boundaries of what’s been done before to design a sensational stationery set for her high-end clients.

  • Lara Pilkington has been an artist amongst other professions for many years, and only recently started designing invitations. Her great talent and attention to detail has produced some stunning creations for weddings and parties alike.

Photography Credits: Lucy Cuneo, Helen Abraham, Dominique Bader, Pemberly Fox


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